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Oops All BerrieZzZzZzzz

Well I forgot to write anything last night because I was asleep. All of yesterday was pretty much a blur. I think I was in and out of sleep more than the day before and I could barely walk. My legs just didn't want to work and I was grandma shuffling around the office. My speech was noticeably slurred, and the loading time for my brain to do anything was like AOL dial up. I spent so much of the day asleep, I didn't even notice that I left my ear buds at home. Which is a huge deal for me. I can't go anywhere without them.

Just like the day before I could feel exactly when the drugs kicked off. It was about 2:00pm - exact time I'm not sure because I was in the middle of a meeting for an hour but it was basically in the middle of that meeting. I probably should be keep track of what time I take the pills, and not just what time they wore off...but I know I took that one later than the day before because I was up later. Anyway. By 2:00pm I could walk again, my speech and energy was back up to normal. I was feeling pretty good.

After I left work, I went to the chiropractor. I was having one of my usual headaches and he tried to help with that. I'm starting to think chiropractors are quacks though. Because I don't really notice a physical difference and my head still hurts. I had dinner with my mom and told her that if felt like that all the time, it would be pretty good. And I was much more level than that same time the day before. Maybe that's just how it works to get in the system? Idk. Not a pilleontologist (buh dun tss). I don't really remember anything about dinner. I know where we went and remember eating but any other conversations are not logged in my brain.

Once I got home I thought about doing my computer work, but just didn't. I went to bed. While I was more coherent and functional I was still extremely tired. I slept from about 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Poor Harley was being so good and playing by herself while I was sleeping but she wanted to get out of my room then when my roommate came home. We went downstairs, I refilled my water, took my pills, and went back to sleep. I only took a 1/4 of the Xanax to see if it makes a difference for me. I woke up pretty much every hour, on the hour. 2:00am. 3:00am. 4:00am. 5:00am. It was raining and the rain on my window sounds like banging pots. I must be missing a shingle or something but it kept waking me up.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty normal. It's hard to really gauge how I'm feeling when I have these ever lasting gob-headaches because they take all of my focus. Which may or may not be a good thing. My legs are only about 20% dysfunctional today which is a huge improvement and my speech is normal. I have a coworker who I have shared what's going on just so someone here knows if I have an issue, since we don't have any HR. She always checks on me and noted that I look much better today. Which is good because I feel better. About the same amount of nausea as yesterday but I just had a granola bar and about to crack in to these weird snack packs from Target.

So far I would say the 1/4 pill is the better move and possibly take another 1/4 later this afternoon depending on how things go the rest of the day. I'm definitely still tired and would rather be in bed but at least I'm not fully falling asleep at my desk right now.

I am not a doctor. I cannot recommend (or the opposite of recommend) the taking of any medication. This is just my experience and a documentation of the encounters related. If you are having any dark or negative thoughts, please seek professional help and consult a physician.


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